Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Mine - By Arnab Ray - A Review

Sex, gore and videotape is the perfect analogy for this Arnab Ray close-to-a-thriller. Hat's off to him for his effort in this less travelled India genere. Arnab strung all the strings to pull off a thriller and rightly speaking he succeed to pull it off, but couple of strings snapped off in the effort. It reminded me of LOST

It could have been a complete thriller if all the strings were held together and answered by the end, like: Who is lilthe adams? Was the blast faked or real? What the heck was that shrine? Why and How were these five choosen? and How in the world did those video tapes appear? Why in this whole wide world the mine dug for? And why would they spend a fortune just to kill the cruel?

However due credit has to be given to Arnab for such a terrific effort and putting the message dead center at you, that those who sow shall reap.

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