Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Which way did you choose to live?

Imagine a feather being dropped from a high rise, can you exactly point when and where it would exactly land? I bet you would lose ten on ten. Surprisingly this is how over 95% of the world’s population live, like a feather, they let life take its turns, like the wind which pushes, sucks and rattles the feather in its fall. People go to work every single day, do the same stuff every single day, and only react to situation when confronted with. They do not have a fixed destination, like the feather, which follows the path life takes.

Imagine the same feather, adorned to the rear end of an arrow, stretched up in a bow, almost to the point of snapping, and then released with brutal force, now would you bet the point of landing? I guess you definitely would, at least you could approximately point the place of landing or piercing. The same way if you can see your destiny by the goals you set and give it a committed effort like the stretch on the bow’s string then you could easily pierce through the winds of fate and reach your goals. But the saddest part is that less than 5% of the world’s population lives like this.

So what’s your way, feather or an arrow?

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